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Jannat - Haan Tu Hai Chords
                         Haan tu hai
From the Hindi movie Jannat
By Sanjeev George and Thomas George
[email protected]
Intro:  Dm
          Dm  Bb  Gm  Dm
 Dm                                 C
Jo kwaabo khayaloon mein socha nahin tha
   Bb                      Dm
Tu ne mujhe itna pyaar diya
  Dm                          C
Mein jab bhi jahan bhi kadi dhoop mein tha
    Bb                        Dm
Teri zulf ne mujh pe saya kiya
Dm  Bb  Gm  Dm
Repeat verse
Haan tu hai haan tu hai_______________________
   C                                                                     |
Meri baaton mein tu hai                                        |
    Am                  Bb             Gm                          |--------twice
Meri kwaabo mein tu yaadon mein tu                    |
   F             Dm                                                   |
Irradon mein tu hai __________________________
   F              Dm
Irradon mein tu hai

Then  Dm  Gm  x 4 times
Stanza 1
Dm              Am
Koi bhi aaisa lamha nahin hai
 Gm                 C            Dm
Jisme mere tu hota nahin hai
 Dm                   Am
Mein so bhi jaao raathon mein lekin
 Gm                   C               Dm
Tu hai ki mujhmein sotha nahin hai
  F                           Dm
Tu hai ki mujhmein sotha nahin hai
Chorus repeat
Small solo before stanza 2
Chords are F  C x 2

Then   Dm  Bb  Gm  Dm
Stanza 2 chords same as stanza 1
Hai teri innayat tujhse mili hai
Honto pe mere hasi jo khili hai
Usa mera chehra chupa bhi na paye
Tujhe paake hasil huye jo khushi hai
Tujhe paake hasil huye jo khushi
Chorus repeat
Verse repeat
Chorus repeat
| /  slide up
| \  slide down
| tr tremolo pick note

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