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Atin Cu Pung Singsing Chords
                Atin Cu Pung Singsing-Lawrence Infante
intro:D-A-D     Put capo on the fret to adjust to high key

            D                                   A
         Atin cu pung singsing,Metung yang timpucan,A mana que iti
                         D                                       G7
         Cang indung ibatan,Sancan queng sininup,Quing metung a caban 
                     D     A       D
         Mewala ya iti,Ecu camalayan.
         Ing sukal ning lub cu,susukdul quing banua,Micurus kung gamat
                       D                           D7             G7 
         babo ning la mesa,ninu mang manaquit,Quing singsing kung mana
                       D        A        D
         Calulung pusu ku,Manginu ya quea 

          Dakal A Salamat Pu,Check wrenz2657 on youtube to hear the song

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