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Eternal Fatalist Chords
Eternal Fatalist - Lowest of the Low


G     D                   Em    C      (Continue til Bridge)
She felt someone else upon your lips
You've blown another relationship
You say that God had a hand in this
I say you should have stayed away from that other Girl

Now I look at you
And you look at me
Ah, Life's a bitch for the eternal fatalist

You've gone and lost your job again
Can I borrow a ten 'til Tuesday friend
You say your lack of dividend
Has always been spelled out in the stars

Now I look at you,
And you look at me
It's a financial risk for the eternal fatalist

Now I look at you
And you look at me
Ah, life's a fix for the eternal fatalist

Am             C                     Am            C
You say it's all lined up like shot glasses on the bar of life
          Am                D
You'll sip your way through it
         Am           D
You never once got stiffed
     Am                     C
So pick yourself up, pay your tab
        Am                   D
And get on with your life
Get on with it

-SOLO(G-D-Em-C Played over it)-

Have you ever heard of dialectics
One sure way to get some perspective
Of course every action isn't elective
I wonder what my horoscope has to say, today

You say your moon's in the seventh house
But your butt's spent three days on my couch
You've eaten me out of home and house
You nearly drank up all of my beer
Ya, I'm outta here

Now I look at you
And you look at me,
Ah, life's a bitch for the eternal fatalist

(Continue/repeat til End)

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