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I Get Ideas Chords
These chords are from a ukulele cover done by a YouYube musician named Danielle.
Check it out:

Capo on 3.

When we are dancing
            Em7             Dm
And you're dangerously near me
 G7     Dm         C
I get ideas, I get ideas.
I want to hold you
         Em7              Dm
So much closer than I dare to.
I want to scold you
           Dm                C
'Cause I care more than I care to.

And when you touch me
and there's fire in every finger
I get ideas, yes I get ideas.
And after we have kissed goodnight
and still you linger
I kinda think you get ideas too.

Your eyes are always saying
The things you're never saying.
I only hope they're saying
That you could love me too.
                     Dm          G7
For that's the whole idea, it's true,
      C      Dm
The lovely idea
                      G7       C
That I'm falling in love with you. 

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About the artist behind I Get Ideas Chords:

Louis[1] Armstrong[2] (4 August 1901[3] – July 6, 1971), nicknamed Satchmo[4] and Pops, was an American jazz trumpeter and singer.

Armstrong was a charismatic, innovative performer whose improvised soloing was the main influence for a fundamental change in jazz, shifting its focus from collective improvisation to the solo player and improvised soloing. One of the most famous jazz musicians of the 20th century, he was first known as a cornet player, then as a trumpet player, and toward the end of his career he was best known as a vocalist and became one of the most influential jazz singers.

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