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Love Isnt Made Chords
by Jon Foreman
Tabbed by: The Count of Monte Cristo
Tuning: Standard (Key of E)

The Intro and verse just goes back and forth between an E and an A chord.
It may prove useful to do this by just changing the root string... alike so...

    E      A
e|--0--  --0--  
B|--5--  --5--  
G|--4--  --4--  
D|--2--  --2--  
A|--X--  --0-- 
E|--0--  --X--  


 E                           A
     An hour ago, I felt so low I almost drowned
 E                                   A
     Driving around this messed up town.
 E                                      A
     It's pretty, it's only, I felt so lonely
And I knew all night
I'd never find a face that could understand
How much I miss you now.

The chords used in the rest of the song are...
(Note: these are just suggested forms of the chords.
Many of them are suspended or open simply for style).

    E      A     C#m    G/E
e|--0--  --0--  --0--  --0--  
B|--0--  --0--  --0--  --0--  
G|--4--  --2--  --9--  --4-- 
D|--2--  --2--  -11--  --5--  
A|--2--  --0--  -11--  --5--  
E|--0--  --X--  --X--  --3--  

CHORUS 1:   
And so I arrive at the conclusion
Love isn't made; love doesn't sell or pay,
But we buy and sell our love away.

VERSE 2 (played same way as verse 1):
     Escape to the water and stare up at
The stars and moon and sky
I was lying on my back
With my fingers in the sand.
 E                                   A
     Alone in Miami, it sounds so funny
(A)                      E
And yet, here I am, It's funny how life
Is seldom what you plan

CHORUS 2 (also played same was as verse 1):
E                                    A
Don't let the panic bring you down.

And there you are, friends.  I believe, at this point, Bob is indeed your uncle.
This is a great little tune and, please, do not disrespect it by
playing it on the beach and/or barefoot.  Let's go ahead and try to break
the acoustic stereotype.
Keep it real.
Keep it classy.

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About the artist behind Love Isnt Made Chords:

Jonathan Mark Foreman (born October 22, 1976) is the lead singer, guitarist, and co-founder of the alternative rock band Switchfoot. He started Switchfoot in 1996 with drummer Chad Butler and his brother Tim on bass. He writes or co-writes the music for all of Switchfoot's songs.

Foreman was born in San Bernardino County, California, but his family then moved to Massachusetts and Virginia Beach during his childhood. After moving to Encinitas in North County San Diego in his junior high years, he went to Torrey Pines High School in Carmel Valley, California, and he became fast friends with Todd Cooper who encouraged him to learn guitar. [1] Cooper was later a guitar tech for Switchfoot, eventually leaving in 2005 to pursue his own musical career. Foreman attended UC San Diego and later dropped out to follow his singing career.

Indexed at Wikipedia.

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