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The Drowning Years Chords
F#m         C#m       F#m        C#m
This is the life of a woman with demons
    F#m          C#m        F#m          C#m
The first time we met I was sure she was steaming
Dm               Dm                      F#m C#m F#m C#m
This is my life, this is my life - What a life 
F#m        C#m          F#m        C#m
Life isn't precious and life isn't sacred
F#m         C#m        F#m            C#m
Sometimes release only comes when you meet death
  Dm                          Dm	                F#m C#m F#m C#m
A night of reprieve we were wrecked when we slept in the park
	  Dm                      Dm                     
When we woke in the morning you cried 
                        Am  Em  F  G (x2)
could I squeeze out the dark

Am          Em          F            G
Destroy the noises that make all the voices and
Am       Em        F     G 
Get them out of my head
Am           Em            F              G        
Bring on the screaming and I'll take your demons now
Am       Em        F   E(G instead of E on final CHORUS)
that I'm already dead

(2nd VERSE - same as 1st)
Days of release when she almost felt better 
Gradually faded and words couldn't get her 
Dm                      Dm                          F#m C#m F#m C#m
Where is the light, where is the light, get the light
Fearless and clear all her doubts had been cast off
Her last night alive is a nightmare I'm part of
Dm	             Dm	                    F#m C#m F#m C#m
Dreams are a lie, if dreams are a lie - So am I
Dm				Dm                     Am  Em  F  G (x2) 
If thats all there is then I might as well get in the fire

(TO CHORUS than to below)
F          Am		Em   		   F
Oh how the rights of the righteous kept coming
F          Am	     Em   F
Shining before like the day
F          Am		Em   		    F		   E
I stand before them and cried that you're dying your way

F#m           C#m         F#m           C#m           F#m   C#m  
I'm still not sure if the right and the wrong side is one

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About the artist behind The Drowning Years Chords:

The Delgados were an indie rock band who formed in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, in 1994, and disbanded in 2005.

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