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Turning Home Chords
(F-Bb-F-C) x2

(F) Usually take one last pass through town
(Dm) Stop the car and touch the ground
(Bb) Watch those streetlights (F) swayin' in the breeze (C)
(F) Decorated store fronts
(Dm) Rusty old gas pumps
(Bb) Try to fill my mind up
With (F) somethin' before I go (C)
(Dm) Picture (C) postcard memories (Bb-C)
(Dm) You know they always make (C) for good company (Bb-C)

(F) I don't know no town
(A7) Like the old town
(Dm) Even when the (C) miles are many (Bb)
I feel like I'm (Bbm) still around
(F) Deep inside me
(A7) Like rings through an oak tree
Yeah there's (Dm) something 'bout a (C) Sunday when I'm gone (Bb)
That (C) keeps me turning home (F-Bb-Dm-C)

(F) I'm standin' here beneath these billboard lights
(Dm) Takes me back to those autumn nights
(Bb) Hometown bleachers packed real tight
 As (F) we marched down the field (C)
(F) My feet would swing from a dropped tailgate
(Dm) Out on Airport Road real late
(Bb) No one could walk a line too straight
We usually (F) made it home alright (C)
(Dm) And glory days (C) I can't relive (Bb-C)
(Dm) Stories I'll (C) never forget (Bb-C)

(F) And I don't know no friends
(A7) Like the old friends
(Dm) I never seem to (C) laugh now
(Bb) Like I (Bbm) did with them
(F) But deep inside me
(A7) A piece of my history
Yeah I (Dm) hear their voices (C) even though they're  gone (Bb)
And it (C) keeps me turning home (F-Bb-Dm-C-F-Dm-Bb-C)

(F) Never twice the same way does it start
(Dm) And sure enough she stole my heart 
(Bb) On that old gym floor spinnin' (F) round and round one night (C)
(F) And though we both tried hard to wait
(Dm) We sure did love the taste
(Bb) Of the sweet love being made and (F) prayin' I got it right (C)
(Dm) Graduation (C) came and went (Bb-C)
(Dm) Along with all (C) the time we spent (Bb-C)

(F) And I don't know no love
(A7) Like the first love
(Dm) When I think about the (C) best times
(Bb) She's the one I (Bbm) think of
(F) Deep inside me
(A7) Although the taste is bittersweet
I (Dm) see her smilin' (C) even though she's gone (Bb)
And it (C) keeps me turning  home (F-Bb)  yeah (Dm-C)
And it keeps me turning (F) home (Bb-Dm-C)

(F-Bb-Dm-C) x2

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