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Kangaroo Chords
Kangaroo - David Gray
From the album "A New Day At Midnight"

Tab by:  Christian Doucet

     Gmaj7  C   G   D   A   B   Am  C2
e |--2------0---3---0---0---0---0----0----|
B |--0------1---0---3---0---0---1----0h1--|
G |--0------0---0---0---6---8---0----0----|
D |--0------2---0---4---7---9---2----0h2--|
A |--2------3---2---5---7---9---x----3----|
E |--3----------3-------5---7---3----0----|

Intro - Gmaj7

Gmaj7                     C
Don't pay no mind to it 
             Am     Gmaj7
Oh let it blow 

Break you up inside 
       F             C      Gmaj7
If you don't let it go 
Jeez what are you like honey 
I don't know 
G    D      C     C2
Recommended by my bank 
G        D    C      C2
And everybody in the tank 
G        D       A
First of all I'd like to thank 
Gmaj7                           C
This might take a while honey 
           Am        Gmaj7
Hey don't blink 
Missing by a mile now we're 
             C        Gmaj7
Here on the brink 
Not a day goes by honey 
I don't think 
G       D       C        C2
I could be your volunteer 
G              D           C        C2
We'll make the whole thing disappear 
G      D        A     B
Saddle up we're outta here 
G         D     C           C2
You could be my olive branch 
G       D      C            C2
Lift me up above the stench 
G       D           A
Walk me through the avalanche 
G     D         C           C2
Honey won't you be my flood 
G       D    C             C2
Nothing ever comes out good 
G       D      A
Trouble in the neighbourhood 
G     D       C        C2
Conversations gone askew 
G              D       C             C2
And how do you make it feel like new 
G    D     A
Kookaburra kangaroo 
G        D         C          C2
Will you won't you be my leech 
G       D       C            C2
Take it all and when I screech 
G        D          A
Leave it there just outta reach 
G       D       C           C2
Take me to that burning bush 
G       D         C           C2
Give me something I can't crush 
G       D     A
Lead me out into the hush 

So far behind 
So far behind 
So far behind 
So far behind

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