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Width Of A Circle Chords
THE WIDTH OF A CIRCLE Tabbed by Brian Drew

INTRO:  Lead Riff, Acoustic comes in
        Bass comes in, Full band plays riff
        E E, E D C# D D, D C# B C# C#, C# A C# C# : X4 TOTAL

        E  E7  E

       A                                 E  E7  E
In the corner of the morning in the past
        A                                  E  E7  E
I would sit and blame the master first and last
        G                       A
All the roads were straight and narrow
        G                      A
And the prayers were small and yellow
        G                  G#          E   E7  E
and the rumour spread that I was aging fast
       A            C#m             F#m           D
Then I ran across a monster who was sleeping by a tree
      F                          F#          A   G  E  E7  E  E7  E
And I looked and frowned and the monster was me

       A                           E  E7  E
Well I said hello and I said hello
      A                                        E  E7  E
And I asked why not and I replied I don't know
      G              A                 G            A
So we asked a simple blackbird who was happy as can be
       G                  G#               E   E7  E
And he laughed insane and quipped Kahil Gibran
     A                 C#m             F#m            D
So I cried for all the others till the day was nearly through
      F             F#           A       G  E  E7  E  E7  E
For I realised that Gods a young man too

      E  E7  E
      E  E7  E

     A                                E  E7  E
So I said so long and I waved bye bye
      A                                  E  E7  E
And I smashed my soul and traded my mind
    G                A              G             A
Got layed by a young bordello I was vaguely half asleep
             G          G#                 E    E7  E
For which my reputation swept back home in drag
        A             C#m           F#m        D
And the moral of this magic spell negotiate my hide
     F               F#          A    G
When God did take my logic for a ride
         E   E7  E  E7  E    
Riding a long


CHORD BIT:  Bm7  E9  A6  A7
            Bm7  E9  A6  A7...guitar comes in on last A7

LEAD GUITAR BIT:  F  Eb  D  Dsus4  D
                  F  Eb  D  Dsus4  D

F            Eb          D  Dsus4  D
F            Eb          D  C  G  D  C  G

   D                                         C  G
He swallowed his pride and puckered his lips
    D                                         C  G
And showed me the leather belt round his hips
   D                                   C
my knees were shaking my cheeks aflame
   G           D
He said you'll never go down to the Gods again
            C  G
Turn around go back

He struck the ground a cavern appeared
And I smelt the burning pit of fear
We crashed a thousand yards below
I said do it again do it again
            C  G
Turn around go back

    D                          C  G
His nebulous body swayed above
    D                               C  G
His tongue swollen with devils love
    D                        C
The snake and I a venom high
  G    D
I said do it again do it again
            C  G
Turn around go back

Breathe breathe breathe deeply
And I was seething breathing deeply
A spitting sentry horned and tailed 
D               C  G
Waiting for you

SOLO 2: A  G  D  many times!
        Ends on an A

OUTRO:  F  Eb  D  Dsus4  D
        F  Eb  D

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About the artist behind Width Of A Circle Chords:

"Ashes to Ashes" is a single by David Bowie, released in 1980. It made #1 in the UK and was the first cut from the Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) album, also a #1 hit. As well as its musical qualities, it is noted for its innovative video, directed by Bowie and David Mallet. Bowie has said that with this song he was "wrapping up the seventies really for myself, and that seemed a good enough epitaph for it".[1]

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