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When You Live Chords
When You Live - Damone

Drop D

Chord Variations:

D   xx0230 x577xx 
F#m xx4230 444xxx 400230
G   xx5230 xx0033 555xxx 500230
A   x02230 777xxx
Em  222230 222xxx
Bm  x20230 x244xx 999xxx
B   888xxx 

Intro: D-F#m-G

Verse: D-F#m-G-A

Pre-Chorus: Bm-D-G

Chorus: D-F#m-G 2x

Verse2: D-F#m-G-A

Pre-Chorus2: Bm-Em-G-A

Chorus2:D-F#m-G 2x

Bridge: Bm-D-G-A 3x

Chorus3: D-F#m-G 2x
	 D-F#m-G-B-A 3x -D

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About the artist behind When You Live Chords:

Vic Damone (born June 12, 1928) is an Italian American singer.

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