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Fireworks Chords
     F#m             A
So this is the end, of you and me
    E               D
we had a good run, and I'm setting you free
   F#m                A
to do as you want, to do as you please
E             D 
without me..

Remember when, you were my boat
and I was your sea
together we'd float, so delicately
     A                          E
But that was back when we could talk about

A                          E 
Cuz I don't know, who I am when you're
D               F#m   
running circles in my head
A                 E
And I don't know, just who you are
D           F#m       
When you're sleeping in someone else's bed

(same as verse)

3 whole words, and 8 letters late
and that would've worked, on me yesterday
We're not the same, I wish that could change..But it can't

And I say your name, and in the same breath
I say something, that I'll grow to regret
So keep your hands on your chest, and sing with me, that we don't wanna believe


So it's true what they say, if you love someone you should set them free
Oh it's true what they say, you went and threw it away..

I don't know who you are, and I don't know who you are
and oh cuz I don't know who you are
when you sleep with somebody else
cuz I don't know who I am, when you're sleeping with him
and it's true what they say, went and threw it away..

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