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One Headlight Tab
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Chords Used:

   G   D   F#   Bm   A   Em

G                     D
 So long ago, I don't remember when 
       F#                           Bm     A
That's when they say I lost my only friend
G                             D
Well since she died easy of a broken heart disease
     F#                            Bm    A
As I listened through the cemetery trees

Fill 1  G-D-F#-Bm-A

  G                             D
I seen the sun comin' up at the funeral at dawn
    F#                       Bm  A
The long broken arm of human law
G                                 D
Now it always seemed such a waste She always had a pretty face
     F#                                Bm    A
So I wondered why she hung around this place

Fill 2  G(x8)-F#(x8)

    G                    D                  Em
Hey, come on try a little nothing is forever
There's got to be something better than in the middle
G                        D                Em
 But me and Cinderella we put all together
We can drive it home with one headlight

Fill 3  G-D-F#-Bm-A

              G                  D
She said it's cold it feels like independence day 
      F#                         Bm     A
And I can't break away from this parade
            G                    D
But There's got to be an opening somewhere here in front of me
F#                                Bm    A
Through this maze of ugliness and greed
               G                   D
And I seen the sun up ahead at the county line bridge
       F#                                  Bm   A
Sayin' all there's good and nothingness is dead
      G                                 D
We'll run until she's out of breath she ran until there's nothin' left
    F#                        Bm           A
She hit the end-it's just her window ledge

Fill 4  G(x8)-F#(x8)


                   G                        D
Well this place is old It feels just like a beat up truck
           F#                             Bm   A
I turn the engine, But the engine doesn't turn
                  G                              D
Well it smells of cheap wine and cigarettes this place is always such a mess
F#                                     Bm   A
Sometimes I think I'd like to watch it burn
       G                           D
I'm so alone, and I feel just like somebody elce
            F#                              Bm   A
Man i ain't changed, but i know I ain't the same
    G                             D
But somewhere here in between the city walls of dyin' dreams
  F#                                 Bm A
I think her death it must be killin' me

Fill 5  G(x8)-F#(x8)


Ending Solo  G-D-Em-A

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About the artist behind One Headlight Tab:

The Wallflowers are a Grammy Award-winning rock band from Los Angeles, California.

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