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Taste Of Cindy Chords
There are two versions of this song on here and both are wrong. Here's the correct
from Psychocandy.

Crack of dawn
B      C#      F#
Cindy's movin' on
B       C#       F#
Talkin' Cindy to everyone
B          C#      F#    B C#
'Til she's had her fun

She and me
B           C#      F#
Betwixt the sun and sea
B           C#         F#
Still she's talkin' to everyone
B       C#      F#     B C#
Cindy's had her fun

Though I've heard it before
Still I need it more and more
But I just can't get away
Cindy kills me every day
      B C#      F#
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh
      B C#      F#
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh

[Bass break, F#  B C#]

And I've tried and I've tried but she looks right through me
Love's in my head when she talks so sweetly
Knife in my head when I think of Cindy
Knife in my hand It's a taste of Cindy
B C#      F#        B  C#     F#
Oh, Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh


The acoustic version from Barbed Wire Kisses is the same chord progression, just 
dropped a half-step, and you use the 6th string for the root notes of each chord, and some 
picking rather than just strokes.

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