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Psychocandy Chords
Since noone else has uplaoded it yet I thought i'd do it..

Jesus and Mary Chain - Psychocandy
From the album Barbed Wire Kisses

    D                                        G        A      
The wind is screaming around the trees for my   psychocandy
    D                                          G        A
The world is spreading a strange disease for my   psychocandy

D            G
Candy is the baddest seed
      D                 G
Shell take you down and make you eat
Her fish
G            A
  Her poison fish
G           D
  Is on her dish
G           D
  Naa na na naa
G           A (strum it a bunch of times)
  Naa na na naa

Candy cannot hear or see
Shes in the place she needs to be
Shell take the point to a sharpened blade
    C                          G (again stum it a bunch of times)
And give you something warm to taste

  And the world is turning round
    G               A
And on and on and on
  And the world is turning round
    G               A
And on and on and on

(Repeat the last bit about 10 times and thats pretty much it)

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