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Meri Kahani Chords

All those ppl who have admired dis song and loved it... here da r the chords which i 
out frm da NKS version... Here it is

IN da starting he plays a small appregio type and strums it for a short while... 
to wht i considered he strums dis way


OK so da above chords r strummed... which is a combination of E5 &C#5 power 
thing... these chords r strummed wid a lil muting as well... for tht u have to figure out da 
pattern whilst hearing tht song ...

Then da song starts wid lyrics which has simple chords:-

Emaj (-x-7-6-4-5-4) x means mute da string
or (if u r unable to to hold dis chord play E5)
E5 (-x-7-9-9-x-x-------------| play dis instead if u feel Emaj uneasy
C#5 (-x-4-6-6-x-x------------| or hold da C#maj chord
Amaj (-x-4-2-2-x-x--|
Bmaj (-x-2-4-4-4-2)-|

Heres da pattern in which da song goes wid da chrds

Emaj or E5
jhoola jhulaye ye panghat.. naddiya kinare yee angan

C#maj or E5
nindiya tu ana...hawa ke sang mujhko bhi tu dekhana apne rang

Emaj or E5
Suno mere dil jaani ye kahani mani..ek din mere sang ye jahan

C#maj or C5
mera bhi kuch aur tera bhi arma... jaane dil mein kya kuch ye basa

Yehhh...meriii.... kahaanniiii
Yehhh meriiiee.....kahaaannniii

( da verse and da chorus r playd wid muting... u need to hear da song to get da 
pattern) the rest of da song goes in almost da same pattern...

SOo ppl dis is wht atif playd in NKS... MEri kahani..beautiful song.
Dis is da best i cus produce while hearing da song...ny corrections aur ny
comments r always welcum...

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About the artist behind Meri Kahani Chords:

Atif Aslam (Urdu: عاطف اسلم, born March 12, 1983) is a Pakistani pop singer. He was born in Wazirabad and educated in Lahore and Rawalpindi. He is well-known in the Subcontinent for his hits Hum Kis Galli , Aadat, Woh Lamhe, Doorie ,Tere Bin, Pehli Nazar Mein and Ehsaas. He was formerly the lead singer of Jal.

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