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Solitary Man Chords
"Solitary Man"

Piano intro:
E|-------------------| 2x

Main riff:
(distortion) Em--D/Em-D 2x
[/=slide up (for advanced chords) OR you can use
h (hammer) for basic chords]

Verse 1:
Em            Am            G
  Melinda was mine 'til the time
         Em         F#m
  that I found her
G         Am   F#m
  holdin' Jim
G            Am
  and lovin' him.
Em               Am
  Then Sue came along,
  loved me strong,
             Em          F#m
  that's what I thought,
G            Am    F#m
  but me and Sue,
G          Am
  that died, too.

G                   C
  Don't know that I will
        G         D
  but until I can find me,
  a girl who'll stay and
        G           D
  won't play games behind me.
                 (do main riff 'til verse 2 starts)
  I'll be what I am,
  a solitary man,
  a solitary man,
  a solitary man.

Verse 2:
Em               Am         G              Em          F#m
  I've had it to here being where love's a small world,
G             Am     F#m
  a part time thing,
G         Am
  a paper ring.
Em                 Am
  I know it's been done
         G            Em         F#m
  havin' one girl who loves you,
G          Am    F#m
  right or wrong,
G         Am
  weak or strong.

[Repeat chorus]

Interlude: [Do main riff]

[Repeat chorus (silent)]

[Repeat chorus]

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