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His Glory Appears Chords (ver 2) - Hillsong

His Glory Appears Chords
I've checked the chords and chord placement, and it's all good, so enjoy! :)

Intro: Bm F#m G D Dsus2

D            Bm                             
You gave me hope 
             F#m          G  D Dsus2
You made me whole at the cross
D             Bm 
You took my place 
You showed me grace 
        G              Asus  A  Dsus2  D
At the cross where You died for me
         G       D              A             Bm
And His glory appears like the light from the sun
 G      D     A-Asus-A
Age to age He shines
     G           D 
Oh, look to the skies 
 Em              Bm
Hear the angels cry, singing
 A            G
Holy is the Lord

D Em Bm G

Repeat and resolve to D at end

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