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Bicycle Chords
Intro: C - Cadd9 - Cadd4   (x2)

C                               Cadd4
What became of your decision to upset the cart so willing?
     Am  (walk down to F)

C                                       Cadd4
All the apples fell out on the highway, a little scared, a mighty upstart
     Am  (walk down to F)
C                                        Cadd4  
Another trip to someone else's darkside, another come-on false love
     Am  (walk down to F)            G  (Fill #1)
Hallelujah ...               oh yeah...

                C       F
   It's hard to ride at night
 C         G             F
   On your bicycle, with no lights to guide
        G      C        F
   Just take a chance and ride
 C         G             F
   On your bicycle, with no lights to guide

   F  Em  Dm7  G      (Fill #1)

C                              Cadd4
Get to where you wanna stay, a puppet tent in another state
     Am  (walk down to F)
C                                             Cadd4
Walk in the apple blossoms up to your shoulder, you and I really did see our side
     Am  (walk down to F)
C                              Cadd4
What to think? Who to know? Who really minds some obscene phone calls
     Am  (walk down to F)            G
Hallelujah...                 Yeah...

Repeat Chorus

   F  Em  Am         (Fill #2)
   F  Em  Am         (Fill #2)
   F  Em  Dm7  G     (Fill #1)

Repeat Chorus


Fill #1             Fill #2
e---3--5--7--|      e--------------------|
B---3--5--8--|      B--------------------|
G------------|      G--------------------|
D------------|      D--------------------|
A------------|      A-7-5------ 3-2-0----|
E------------|      E----8-7-5-------3-1-|

Cadd9: x30010
Cadd4: x33010
Am   : 577555

Gary Louris - Bicycle Chords :: indexed at Ultimate Guitar.
Bicycle tabs @ 911Tabs

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