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Forsaken Tab
 																																													Forsaken Tab									by Dream Theater tabs |											tabbed by Slo6494 | 									comments (0) 																																													1																							2																							3																							4																							5																																						   								 																	 									print																																							 									send																																							 									report																																																																																									More versions:																									intros																				versions																																																																																			 																						 																																																																Ver 1																																																																																																																																	Ver 1																																																																		Ver 2																																																																													 																																																																																																																																																						Recommended tabs																																																											If you like Forsaken Tab by Dream Theater you might also like these songs:																									Constant Motion Intro Powerby Dream Theater																									Your Guardian Angel Tabby The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus																									Dark Eternal Night Guitar Proby Dream Theater																																																																																																																																Forsaken Lyricsby Dream Theater Lyrics																						Forsaken Tabat																																																						 																																																																																																																																																																																												 																																																																																																																												+ to speed up (numpad)															- to slow down (numpad)															Esc to stop																												Help																																																																																																																																																											Forsaken tab by Dream Theater, www.Ultimate-Guitar.Com																																													Listen to Forsaken																																														Add to favourites																																																																				Difficulty: intermediate																																																																																			tf_artist = "Dream Theater";											tf_song = "Forsaken";																																																												Great song.
Don't have the full song yet, but i plan to put it up soon.
Well anyways have fun with it.

/ = Slide up
\ = Slide down
* = Artificial harmonic
PM = palm mute
~ = this is when i bend the string down slightly when im playing that certain note
(That's how Petrucci does it) 

e |-------------------------------------------------------|\
B |-------------------------------------------------------| \
G |-------------------------------------------------------|  \ 
D |--7/9---9----------------5-----------------------------|   \
A |--5/7---7---10~----9~----3--5*-------------------------|    \
E |------0---0-----0-----0--------------------------------|     \
                                                             X4   \
e |-------------------------------------------------------|     /
B |-------------------------------------------------------|    /
G |-------------------------------------------------------|   / 
D |--7/9-----9------0-------------------------------------|  /
A |--5/7-----7----0----------5----------------------------| / 
E |--------0----3------2-(2)-2----------------------------|/ 

                          Guitar II
           Comes in after playing first riff twice
e |-5-7-0-5-7-0-5-7-0-8-7-5-7-0-5-7-0-2-3-2---------------|
B |-------------------------------------------------------|
G |-------------------------------------------------------|
D |-------------------------------------------------------|X2
A |-------------------------------------------------------|
E |-------------------------------------------------------|

e |----------------------------------------------------|
B |-12-12-10-10-8-8-7-7-8--10-10-8-8-7-7-5-5-----------|
G |----------------------------------------------------|
D |----------------------------------------------------|
A |----------------------------------------------------|
E |----------------------------------------------------|

e |----------------------------------------------------|
B |-12-12-10-10-8-8-7-7-8--10-10-8-8-13-13-12-12-------|
G |----------------------------------------------------|
D |----------------------------------------------------|
A |----------------------------------------------------|
E |----------------------------------------------------|

e |----------------------------------------------------|
B |----------------------------------------------------|
G |----------------------------------------------------|
D |-2-X-5-4--------------------------------------------|
A |-0-X-3-2-2--7~----5~----9~----7~--5-----------------|
E |---------0-----0-----0-----0------3-----------------|

e |----------------------------------------------------|
B |----------------------------------------------------|
G |----------------------------------------------------|
D |-------------------------------0--------------------|
A |----7~-----5~-----10~------9~--0--------------------|
E |-0------0------0-------0----------------------------|																																															Forsaken Lyrics																																																	tf_artist = "Dream Theater";											tf_song = "Forsaken";																															         																																																																																																		

Dream Theater - Forsaken Tab :: indexed at Ultimate Guitar.
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