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Friend Of Mine Chords
....this next s0ng is for my friend...
....theme s0ng mo to dude


I've known you for so long
You are a friend of mine
Dm                      G   
But is this all we'd ever be
I've loved you ever since
You are a friend of mine
Dm                                G
and babe is this all we ever could be

Am                             G
You tell me things I'll never know
Dm                            G
I'll show you love you've never shown
Am                        G
But then again when you cry
Dm                   G
I'm always at your side
Am                       G
You tell me 'bout the love you've had
Dm                 G
I listen very eagerly
Am                      G
But deep inside you'll never see
This feeling of emptiness
that makes me feel sad
Dm       G            C
But then again I'm glad

I've known you all my life           
You are a friend of mine
I know this is how it's gonna be
I've loved you then and I love you still           
You're a friend of mine
Now I know friends
are all we ever could be


Dm          G   Em       Am
But then again, then again
Dm       G        C     
then again I'm glad


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