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Seven Spanish Angels Chords (ver 4) - Willie Nelson

Seven Spanish Angels Chords
Willie Nelson w/Ray charles

This tab is (to me) better than what else is on this site. Key of E and alot of 
bass strumming on root chords of the B7 and E.  Leave the alone and strum it 
whole but chop it up and give it emphasis(if that makes sense) as it is played in 
a crucial part of the verses and chorus. This is one of the greatest country 
songs ever so enjoy.

Single strum on first E
He looked down into her brown eyes
Said say a prayer for me
She threw her arms around him whispered God will keep us free
They could hear the riders comin, he said this is my last fight
                       E                B7             E
If the take me back to Texas, they wont take me back alive.

And there was seven spanish angels at the alter of the sun
They were prayin for the lovers in the valley of the gun

When the battle stopped and the smoke cleared 
there was thunder from the throne.
                  E            B7           E
And seven spanish angels took another angel home

(Same strum pattern through out song)

She reached down and picked the gun up that lay smokin in his hand
She said father please forgive me, I can't make it without my man.
But she knew the gun was empty, she knew she couldn't win.
But her final prayer was answered when those rifles fired again

 A                     E         B7           E
Those seven spanish angels took another angel home

You can church this up in the ending and single strum the B7 and E or play 
through and single strum all the chords to end but I'll do A-E-B7-B7-E.
Good luck and rock out.

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About the artist behind Seven Spanish Angels Chords:

Willie Nelson (born April 30, 1933) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. He is widely regarded as one of the most beloved and notorious country music singers. He reached his greatest fame during the so-called "outlaw country" movement of the 1970s, but remains iconic, especially in American popular culture. In recent years he has continued to tour, record, and perform, and this, combined with activities in advocacy of cannabis, as well as a well-publicized 2006 arrest for cannabis possession, have made him the subject of renewed media attention.

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