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Fraulein Chords
Tom: D

          D                               G                     
1. Far across deep blue waters, lives an old German's daughter,
            A            A7         D   
    by the banks of the old river Rhine.
                           D7           G
    Where I loved her and left her, now I can't forget her.
A               A7        D
    I miss my pretty Fraulein.
    Fraulein, Fraulein, walk down by the river,
        A              A7             D
    pretend that your hand's holdin' mine.
    By the same stars above you, I swear that I love you,
A                A7        D
    you are my pretty Fraulein.
            D                 G
2. When my memories wander, away over yonder,
             A              A7         D
    to the sweetheart that  I  left behind.
                     D7      G
    In a moment of glory, a face comes before me,
         A           A7        D
    the face of my pretty Fraulein.
    FrauIein, Fraulein, look up toward the Heavens,
          A               A7             D
    each night when the stars start to shine.
    By the same stars above you, I swear that I love you,
A                A7        D
    you are my pretty Fraulein. 

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About the artist behind Fraulein Chords:

Willie Nelson (born April 30, 1933) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. He is widely regarded as one of the most beloved and notorious country music singers. He reached his greatest fame during the so-called "outlaw country" movement of the 1970s, but remains iconic, especially in American popular culture. In recent years he has continued to tour, record, and perform, and this, combined with activities in advocacy of cannabis, as well as a well-publicized 2006 arrest for cannabis possession, have made him the subject of renewed media attention.

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