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Come Together Chords
Artist: Third Day
Song: Come Together

Intro: Em  C  G  D/F#   (X3)

       F   C   C2(no3)

Verse 1: 
G                               C2(no3)
You can all call me crazy
G                               C2(no3)
for the things that I might say,
And you can laugh all you want to, yeah.
F                           C
I know there will come a day
When we all will come together,
C                        G
and learn to set aside our hate
C                               G
If we could learn to Love our neighbors, yeah,
F                                 D
just like we would love ourselves.

We've got to come together,
                  C                 G
'cause in the end we can make it all right.
             D/F#           Em            C          G
We've got to brave the weather through all of the storms.
             D/F#       Em
We've got to come together,
               C                    G
'cause in the end we can make it all right.
              D/F#               F
We've got to learn to love,
                                 G            C2(no3)
we've got to learn to love.

Verse 2:
G                                   C2(no3)
You can call me a dreamer,
G                                   C2(no3)
but these dreams will come true;
Yes I am a firm believer, yeah,
F                            C
in the things that we can do.
If we could all just come together,
C                        G
and let the Lord lead our way,
C                             G
There is nothing that we can't do,
F                               D
there is nothing we can't face.

(repeat chorus)

And I know that there will come a day
when the Lord will call His own away
            C                              D
to a place that He has made for all of us.
But until the day of His return, 
there's a lesson that we've got to learn:
We are brothers and we're sisters,
we are one.   Oh  yeah!

(repeat chorus)

F             C                              G
Don't you know,  we've got to learn to love.


God bless you,

tabber: Robby Sheets
age: 15

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About the artist behind Come Together Chords:

Third Day is a CCM band formed in Marietta, Georgia during the 1990s. The band was founded by lead singer Mac Powell and guitarist Mark Lee. The other band members are Tai Anderson (bass), and David Carr (drums). The band's name is a reference to the biblical account of Jesus rising from the dead on the third day following his crucifixion.

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