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Wine Into Water Chords
Capo 1st Fret

INTRO - E A x2

                E              B             E
You've heard a multitude of prayers on my behalf
         A                B               E
So I'm prayin one more's not too much to ask
       A                             E
I've tried to fight this battle by myself
            E                 B                E
But it's a war that I can't win without your help

  A             B       E
Tonight I'm as low as any man can go
C#m          A                  Bsus4/B
I'm down and I can't fall much farther
A             B                   E    Abm  A
Once upon a time you turned the water into wine
Abm      F#m             A            Bsus4/B
Now I'm on my knees I'm turnin to you father
         F#m              B               E
Can you help me turn the wine back into water

Solo: E A x2

     E              B               E
So many times I've hurt the ones I love
     A                   B            E
I've pushed them to the edge of givin up
         A                                 E
They've stood by me but how much can they stand
    E                 B
If I don't put this bottle in your hand


I shook my fist at heaven
For all the hell that I've been through
Now I'm prayin for forgiveness
And a miracle from you

Cause tonight (Chorus)

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