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San Francisco Chords
I did this tab the way i think it's to play,
there are mistakes for sure. 
there is a 2nd guitar, which plays the fills but i have no idea about that.
Instead of playing F#m you can use F5 or F.

G 3-2-0-0-0-3
Em 0-2-2-0-0-0
C x-3-2-0-1-0
D x-x-0-2-3-2
Bm 2-2-4-4-3-2 or x-x-4-4-3-2
F 1-3-3-2-1-1 or x-x-3-2-1-1
F5 1-3-3-x-x-x
F#m 1-3-3-1-1-1
C#m x-4-6-6-5-4 or x-x-6-6-5-4


G Em           C        G      D
    If you're going to San Francisco,

  Em            C          G                  D
    Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair,

  Em           G        C      G
    If you're going to San Francisco,

                  Bm      Em               D
    You're gonna meet some gentle people there.

     Em          C         G  (Bm) D
    For those who come to San Francisco,

  Em        C        G          D
    Summertime will be a love-in there,

  Em          G        C      G
    In the streets of San Francisco,

           Bm         Em                 D
    Gentle people with flowers in their hair.
 F                         (F5)
    All across the nations,

    Such a strange vibration,

    People in motion,

  F               Dm
    There's a whole generation,

    With a new explanation,

    People in motion,

    People in motion,

 F#m        A       D       A
    If you come to San Francisco

  A       C#m                      A    F#m    A    D
    Summertime will be a love-in there

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