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The Voice Chords
One of the best songs from Queensryche's new album, "American Soldier".
The lyrics are inspired by the near-death experience of Geoff Tate's father,
Perry Tate, a US Army veteran who was wounded in combat.

This song uses a lot of keyboards, but it can also be played quite nicely
with these chords.

Thanks to Powerslave88 and Rich P. from for
their immense help - this tab is actually the result of their work.

Two guitars in this song - one of them plays the riffs during the intro and 
interlude, while during the verses and chorus, they both play rhythm parts.


A simple riff on the E string...

e|---2b-(pause)-2-3-5-6-5-3----| (repeat from the beginning about 5-6 times)

The second guitar plays D5 / Bb5 under this.


D           A
 Am I still alive?
 I think I've got it right...
 I'm made of light..
D                   A 
 Before I leave and go away,
 There's some things I must say,
 Before - before I'm gone...

On "gone", turn on distortion and play A5 / C5 twice.

This same progression repeats for the next verse.


A5   C5  A5                C5
         There's so many possibilities -
A5   C5  A5                       G5
         And I'm just starting to see...

Now go directly to the Chorus:

G5  A5   Bb5       A5                 G5
         It's like the poets always said
    A5   Bb5          A5                 G5
         When life is hanging from a thread
    A5   Bb5               C5            D5
         You can hear that voice in your head....

And now return to the D5 / Bb5 sequence from the intro.

The interlude is just a three-note riff on the E string:


For the rest of the song, use the pre-chorus and chorus chords.

The coda is D5 / Bb5. End on D.

Don't be afraid,

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