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Spanglish Chords
Keep in mind that the C, G, G# and Am# chords at some points are barre chords. You
can figure it out.


Am         Dm      
I met you at the great
G                  C    E
Burrito Shack last night
Am           F      
You gave me extra hot sauce
C C/B Am     Am/G  F   
with my taco and I knew
             G#                     C  C/B  Am    Am/G       
that i could love you, if I could only speak your language
          F                     G#
so i went home, and wrote you a love song
A#         C
In Spanglish

uno dos tres

C      Am              F                   G                   
Caliente means hot, and thats just what you are
C              Am          F             G                                
would you like to manajar, drive, in my car and we could
C          Am             F       
Stick our cabezas out the window
         C        G      Am
as we cruise down to Mexico
               F        C    G   Am
And you can be my Seniorita
        F            C             G
Wrap me up inside a giant corn tortilla

Am         E
When I say Estoy el Deseo
F                        C   C/B  Am
It means I'm filled with desire

When I say mi Pelo es en fuego
F                       G#           
It means my hair is on fire
woah-oah yeah


C      Am                F               G
Mi corazon is my heart, and it beats for tu.. you..
C         Am          F         G                C
Te quiero, I want you, te culo, that means your ass
Am                               F
I want to squeeze you, I want to please you
          C     G       Am
Thats why I say Por favor
              F             C                      G
We'll be like Pico De Gallo our love will be so spicy
Am            F         C               G
i'll call you Mamasita, you can call me Papi...

Am       E         F              C   C/B Am 
Tu Es Muy bonita, yo soy es muy macho
             C          F               G#
lets get together, and make some little muchachos
and let them eat nachos.

C           Am                F               G    
This is you song, my Spanish girl, and I can love you if
     C      Am     F         G                 C  Am  F  G  C
you let me try and I, I can learn to speak to you

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