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Souvenir Chords
(Neil Finn)


-- I've supplied two different versions of the intro (which is the same 
thing played on the verses); the first version is an easier way to go, 
though the voicings are not as accurate as Version 2. The problem is 
that version 2 relies on the higher strings, giving you very little bass 
to work with -- and this is a pretty bass-heavy song. 

-- This is one of those songs on the album that doesn't work 
particularly well as an acoustic guitar song.

-- The riff is pretty much identical all through the song.


E      XX2100 (diff. from usual fingering)
D6     XX0100
F#m    XX4222 (diff. from usual fingering)
A6/C#  X42422



INTRO/VERSE, version 1:   E   F#m

INTRO/VERSE, version 2:   E*  D6*  F#m* 

              E         (D6)  F#m
Don't ask the question

                       E      (D6)  F#m
cos you won't like the answer

                E      (D6) F#m
get up off your chair

there's nothing for you here


D         A                   D
Where the guests like souvenirs

A         D        A            D
they play with you til you're all worn out

A    D         A               D         E  (D6)   F#m
back there the guests like souvenirs

Prison colour blue
it's a uniform of choice
count yourself lucky
and you don't write the software

and the guests like souvenirs
they play with you till you're all worn out
back where the guests take photographs
they hope you had a good night

G    A    Bb     A

          G         A    Bb    A
Loosen up your tie

make the viewers cry

A         Bb        E   (D6)  F#m
I cannot pretend to cry


Memorise by heart
every single part
there's nothing for you here

Where the guests like souvenirs
they play with you til you're all worn out
back where the guests like souvenirs
they hope you had a good night

G   A    Bb    A  

G   A        Bb        A
Each night I would fall

     G              A
right off the stairs

      Bb     A
no one's in prayer (?)

CODA: (instrumental, no words)

G(III)  A6/C#*   F#m     D

G(III)  A6/C#    F#m     E       G

[c] 1997 by Roundhead Music, Administered by Wixen Music (BMI)

(Transcription by Marck Bailey)

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About the artist behind Souvenir Chords:

Neil Mullane Finn OBE (born May 27, 1958, in Te Awamutu, New Zealand) is a singer and songwriter and one of New Zealand's foremost musicians. He is the frontman for Crowded House, and previously for Split Enz. He was born Cornelius Mullane Finn ("I was christened Cornelius, and dropped it at an early age thinking it was a bit corny," Finn told Australian television host Andrew Denton in 1995.)

Finn rose to prominence in the late 1970s after replacing singer songwriter Phil Judd in his brother Tim Finn's band Split Enz. With the group, Finn wrote the hits "One Step Ahead", "History Never Repeats", "I Got You" and "Message to My Girl", among others. Finn rose from prominence to international fame after Split Enz broke up in 1984 when he formed Crowded House with Split Enz's final drummer Paul Hester in 1985. The group achieved international success in 1987 when they released the single "Don't Dream It's Over" written by Finn. Finn ended Crowded House in 1996 to embark upon what was to become a moderately successful solo career, and has released two albums with his brother Tim under the title the Finn Brothers. In 2007, Finn reunited Crowded House and released a new album, Time on Earth, and the band began a world tour.

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