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Duster - Retail Therapy Chords
Title        :  Retail Therapy
Artist       :	Duster
Album        :  Sweetheart Snack Bar

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 G-C          G-C
A is Armani, B is Burberry

  G-C          G-C
C is Chanel, Dior will make you horny

  G-C              G-C
E is for Escada, F is for Fendi
  G-C        G-C
G is Guci, H for an Heremes scarf

 G-C              G-C
I Issey Miyake, Jimmy Choo
 G-C		G-C
K is for Ksubim, L is the house of Louis

 G-C          G-C
M is Manolo, N Nars Orgasm

   G-C                 G-C
O Oscar dela Renta, P Prada wearing devil

I'll get

I will get over you

G-C		G-C	 
Q is Quark Henaresm, R is for Rolex

G-C			G-C
S You know it's Stella, T is for Tiffany's

G-C		G-C
U Undefeated, V Versace

W Westwood is a punk rok QUeen

G-C		G-C	
X is for Xanax, Y equals Y3

Z is fr Zac Posen (Schoolmate ni Mih Dulce)

/   RoCk En RoLL   \

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