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Craving Lucy - Therapy Tab

e |-----------|--------------------| 
b |-----------|--------------------| 
g |-----------|--------------------|
d |-4-22-5-44-|-4-22-5-44----------|
a |-4-22-5-44-|-4-22-5-44----------|
e |-2-00-3-22-|-2-00-3-22----------| Second measure comes in with drums. 
PM ..........   In the first measure leave out the last two chords on the fourth time.

e |-----------|
b |-----------|
g |-----------|
d |-4-22-5-44-|
a |-4-22-5-44-|
e |-2-00-3-22-|

e |----------|-------------|
b |----------|-------------|
g |----------|-------------|
d |-7-9-10---|-7-9-10------|
a |--------7-|--------7~/--|
e |----------|-------------|

e |-----------| 
b |-----------|
g |-----------|
d |-4-22-5-44-|
a |-4-22-5-44-|
e |-2-00-3-22-|
e |-----------------------|
b |-----------------------|
g |-----------------------|
d |-2222-2222-2222-223-223|
a |-2222-2222-2222-223-223|
e |-0000-0000-0000-001-001|
Pm  .... .... .... ..  ..

e |-----------|-------|  ~ is vibrato
b |-----------|-5~~~/-|  / is slide down.
g |-----------|-------|
d |-4-22-5-44-|-------|
a |-4-22-5-44-|-------|
e |-2-00-3-22-|-------|

Thats it I think. If you need to contact me please do so at [email protected]

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