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Break The Silence - Iris Chords
I use an acoustic guitar, so I'm not sure how it sounds on an Electric.
Also, you can probably play this in Drop D, I think the bridge will probably 
sound better in Drop D.
And sorry for putting this in unsigned, but there wasn't anything for Break the Silence :(

Verse 1
F#m           D             F#m        D
I watched you fight through all of the pain.
F#m           D       A           E
Anger: I feel it when I hear your name.
F#m        D        F#m             D
I tried to help you the best that I can.
F#m           D         A          E
Destroying me now won't make you a man.

F#m               D         A               E
Believing all the lies from you who gave me life.
F#m               D         E               F#m
Hating you as you die, I could not say good-bye.

---A Second Guitar plays this in the Chorus---

Verse 2
F#m        D       F#m          D    
I am still hearing all that was said,
F#m              D           A           E
The nightmare we lived still stuck in my head.
F#m           D        F#m         D
The memories left seem more like a mess.
F#m         D         A           E
Now you are gone, and its for the best.


What it's worth
Recoil memories of you, out of control.
Say it was all out of love, when you never had a soul.
e|------------------------------------------------------------------|repeat x3

F#m---F#m F#m F#m F#m F#m F#m F#m
Just rot.

Verse 3
F#m          D       F#m      D
Now, you are dead to me anyway.
F#m               D         A         E
The pain you have caused me will fade away.
F#m       D   F#m      D
I will go on, you will remain.
F#m       D              E              F#m    F#m F#m
You think you tried, and I think you're insane.

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