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Austin Criswell - Lullaby Chords

Tabbed by: Mr. AV

This is my 1st tab, so any comments are welcomed. You can find this song on 
youtube, the artist is a friend of mine (ACMusic7).

Am  C  Am  C

Verse 1:
Am         C          Am                C
 I can not find a way, to put all these feelings away
Am             C         Am               C
 I can not get used to, not being able to kiss you
G        F
I can't sleep tonight, cuz...

Am           C
 I need you, I want you
F              G                       Am
 I need you to know, that your my lullaby..
Am          C
 I want you, to love me
F                       G                      Am
 To hold me through the night, cuz you my lullaby..

Am   C   F   G

Verse 2:
I always tell you, how much I miss you
We can't be together, but I'll love you forever
And you'll love me too



Interlude: (same as chorus)
I need you with me, so turn back around
I need you to be, with me in the end
I think about you, I dream of you
You'll be the last thing on my mind, cuz your my lullaby..

Verse 4:
When I stare into those eyes, all I do is fantasize
About the things we've been through, and how much I need you
I truly do, love you


my lullaby...
                 Am (strum once)
cuz your my lullaby..

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