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Summertime Chords
(Intro:) ||:   Dm6   Am7   :||

A+    Dm6     A7   Dm6      A7        Dm6     A7   Dm6
Summertime,         and the livin' is easy;

A7       Gm7     Bb6 Gm7        Bbmaj7 Fdim  A    E7+9   A   Am7
Fish are jumpin',       and the cotton  is high.

    A7-5    Dm6  A7 Dm6          A7         Dm6  A7  Dm6   G7
Yo' daddy's rich        and yo' mama's good-lookin',

     F          Dm     G    Gm7     Dm       Dm+7   Dm6   A7
So hush, little baby, don't    you cry.

A+            Dm6     A7  Dm6              A7      Dm6   A7 Dm6 A7
One of these mornin's,       you're gonna rise up singin';

              Gm7          Bb6   Gm7  
You're gonna spread your wings 

    Bbmaj7 Fdim     A    E7   A   Am7
And take    to the sky.

    A7-5       Dm6    A7  Dm6         A7        Dm6   A7   Dm6
But 'til that mornin',        ain't nothin' can harm you

G7     F        Dm    G     Gm7  Dm
With daddy and mammy stan - din' by.

(Instrumental Coda:) A7   Bb9   A7   Dm

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About the artist behind Summertime Chords:

Louis[1] Armstrong[2] (4 August 1901[3] – July 6, 1971), nicknamed Satchmo[4] and Pops, was an American jazz trumpeter and singer.

Armstrong was a charismatic, innovative performer whose improvised soloing was the main influence for a fundamental change in jazz, shifting its focus from collective improvisation to the solo player and improvised soloing. One of the most famous jazz musicians of the 20th century, he was first known as a cornet player, then as a trumpet player, and toward the end of his career he was best known as a vocalist and became one of the most influential jazz singers.

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