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My Name Is Carnival Tab
Jackson C. Frank - My Name Is Carnival
Standard - Capo # 5 (I think?)
This is a rough tab for the original version, not 100%
accurate, but quite close.  Bert Jansch plays it at most gigs nowadays, =
but his version is a bit different.


Intro / main riff
 Asus2    Asus2/G
 Asus2    Asus2/G
 Asus2               G                 D        Em

I see your face, in every place, that I'll be going
I read your words, like black hungry birds, read every sowing
Spin and call, throw the ball, my name is Carnival
Sad music in the night, sings a stream of light, out of chorus
Voices you might hear, appear and disappear in the forest
Short and tall, come throw the ball, my name is Carnival
Stings of yellow tears, drip from black wired fears in the meadow
And their white halos spin, with an anger that is thin and turns to sorrow
King of all, hear my call, it's Carnival
Here there is no law, but the arcade's penny claw, hanging empty
The painted laughing smile, the turning of the stile, do not envy
Where the small can steal the ball, touch the face of Carnival
The fat woman frowns, at screaming frightened clowns that stand enchanted
And the shadow lion waits, outside your iron gates with one wish granted
Colors all, come throw the ball, my name is Carnival
Without a thought or sigh, you come to hypnotise the danger
In a world that comes apart, there is no single heart, and life is stranger
Wheel and call, cloud dreams all, in the name of Carnival
Wheel and call, spin and call my name, is Carnival

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