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I Want You Back Chords (ver 4) - Jackson 5

I Want You Back Chords
These are the chords to I want you back for the Jackson 5. They are very accurate I promise!

Tuning: Standard

C/B= C without your 3rd finger and put your 2nd finger on the 2nd string 2nd fret!

When I had you to myself 
I didn't want you around 
Em      Bm
These pretty faces 
C     G    Am    D    D    G
Always made you stand out in a crowd 
Then someone picked you from the bunch 
One glance is all it took 
Em    Bm    C    G    Am    D    D    G
Now it's much too late for me to take a second look 

G    D    Em   D    C   C/B         Am       D
Oh baby give me one more chance (To show you that I love you) 
Em    Bm    C   G    Am    D    D   G
Won't you please let me (Back in your heart) 
Em    Bm    C   G    Am    D    D   G
Oh darlin' I was blind to let you go (Let you go, baby) 
Em    Bm    C   G    Am    D    D   G
But now since I see you in his arms 
(I want you back) Yes I do now 
(I want you back) Yeah, yeah, yeah 
(I want you back) nah, nah, nah, nah 

Trying to live without your love 
Is one long sleepless night 
Let me show you girl that I know wrong from right 
Ev'ry street you walk on
I leave tear stains on the ground 
Following the girl I didn't even want around! 

Just let me tell you now 
Oh baby, all I need is one more chance 
(To show you that I love you) 
Won't you please let me (Back in your heart) 
Oh darlin' I was blind to let you go 
(Let you go, baby) 
But now since I see you in his arms 

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About the artist behind I Want You Back Chords:

The Jackson 5 (also spelled The Jackson Five or The Jackson 5ive, and later known as The Jacksons) was an American popular music quintet (and briefly a sextet and quartet) from Gary, Indiana. The group, fully active from 1966 to 1990, consisted of brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael, who played from a repertoire of R&B, soul, funk, and later disco. Considered "one of the biggest phenomenons in pop music"[1] during the early 1970s, the Jackson 5 are also notable for launching the careers of their lead singers Jermaine and Michael.

Signed to the Motown label from 1968 to 1975, and to Epic/CBS Records (as "The Jacksons") from 1975 until their disbanding in 1990, the Jackson 5 were one of the most popular groups of the era and became the first recording act to have their first four major label singles ("I Want You Back", "ABC", "The Love You Save", and "I'll Be There") reach the top of the American charts. Several future singles, among them "Mama's Pearl", "Never Can Say Goodbye" and "Dancing Machine", were Top 5 pop hits and number-one hits on the R&B singles chart. Most of the early hits were written and produced by a specialized songwriting team known as "The Corporation"; later Jackson 5 hits were crafted chiefly by Hal Davis.

Significantly, they were the first black teen idols to appeal equally to white audiences. Upon their departure from Motown for CBS in 1975, the Jacksons were forced to change their name and replace Jermaine (who remained at Motown) with younger brother Randy. The group took control of their songwriting, production, and image, and their success continued into the 1980s with hits such as "Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)" and "State of Shock", and the highly successful Victory Tour. The Jacksons officially disbanded in 1990, after the commercial underperformance of their 1989 album 2300 Jackson Street, recorded mostly without Michael and Marlon.

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