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Beyond Redemption Chords (ver 2) - Him

Beyond Redemption Chords
"Beyond Redemption"
Love Metal

(Keyboard intro)

Main riff: Cm-Eb-Fm-G#-Bb (2x)
           Cm (hold)

Verse 1:
G#-Bb-Cm            G#-Bb-Cm                     G#-Bb-Cm
      Oh I see your scars I know where they're from
      Cm                      Fm                    G#   Bb  G#-Bb-Cm
      So sensually carved and bleeding until you're dead and gone
      Cm                 G#-Bb-Cm                 G#-Bb-Cm
      I've seen it all before beauty and splendor torn
      Cm               Fm                 G#
      It's when heaven turns to black and hell to white
      Fm                 G#              Bb
      Right so wrong and wrong so right, now

Cm         G#           Bb         Cm
   Feel it turning your heart into stone
           G#               Bb      Cm
   Feel it piercing your courageous soul
Cm            D 
   Beyond now, redemption
   Eb                Fm        G#   Bb  Cm
   No one's going to catch you when you fall

Repeat intro

Verse 2:
G#-Bb-Cm             G#-Bb-Cm            G#-Bb-Cm
      Oh I see you crawl you can barely walk
      Cm                 Fm          G#      Bb  G#-Bb-Cm
      And arms wide open you keep on begging for more
      Cm                G#-Bb-Cm                  G#-Bb-Cm
      I've been there before knocking on the same door
      Cm             Fm                G#
      It's when hate turns to love and love to hate
      Fm                 G#              Bb
      Faith to doubt and doubt to faith, now

Repeat chorus 2x

During 1st solo:
Cm-D-Eb-Fm (3x)

During 2nd solo:
Cm-G#-Bb (4x)
Cm (hold)

Repeat chorus (silent)

Repeat chorus 2x

Repeat intro chords

Coda (still doing intro chords):
Beyond now, redemption  (4x)

Cm (hold)

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