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Shout To The Lord Chords
			     shout to the lord 
Tabbed by:bradley g
Email:[email protected]


c        G          
my jesus  my saviour
Am              G        F
lord there is none like you
            C/E  F      
all of my days  i want to praise
Am                   B    F/A  Gsus G
the wonders of yuor might-y love 
c         G          
my comfort  my shelter
Am        G         F
tower of refuge and strength
          C/E      F         C/G
let every breath  all that i am
Am             B   F/A  Gsus  G
never cease to wor-ship you

c             Am          F            F/G   G
shout to the lord all the earth let us sing
c         Am         F          Gsus   G
power and majesty praise to the king
Am                         F   
mountains bow down and the seas will roar

still working on it plz email me for help or comments

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