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Black Heart Chords
This is not the correct way to play this song, but these are some
easy chords to play along with and sing it. Sounds best if you
strum a back-and-forth pattern that sounds much like the song, Enjoy.

Am Em D A


Am             Em
you bright sun

D              A
you darkest dirt

Am             Em
hardest paradox

D              A
i ever learned

Am             Em
you're tireless

D              A
and i tire quick

Am             Em
it's the easy death of reason

D              A
within my chest

you bright sun
you darkest dirt
hardest crier i ever heard
you cry out your orders
you cry out your pain
and every letter's followed like its sacrosanct

i'm at the mercy
of an idiot tyrant king
i jump high! talk loud! and listen? i'm always listening!
cause he built his throne from my bones and skin

Em        D        A
i love, i hate, i hate to live this way

Em        D        A
a dog, a slave, we do what our deity dictates

i just want

someone to lean on

i just want someone

to lean on me.

well theres the barebones chords, timing is not including here but i'm sure you can 
it out, as well as repeats if you know the song. Great song, great band. thx

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