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Battle Chords
It's mostly picking notes out of those chords throughout the song
CAPO 4th fret... all chord names referred to are going to be just positions relative to the capo

Em (0,2,2,0,0,0)
Cadd9 (x,3,2,0,3,0)
G (3,2,0,0,3,3)
F#/Dsus4 ( 2,0,0,2,3,3)
Cadd9* (x,3,2,0,3,3)
Am (x,0,2,2,1,0)
Bm (x,2,4,4,3,2)

the F#/D(2,0,0,2,3,2) can be substituted with an F#/Dadd9 (2,0,0,2,3,0)

Tabbed by: Aya

Here's a picking pattern I play for the verse

Em            F#/D       Cadd9     Cadd9    


Em           F#/D    Cadd9
You thought we'd be fine

Em        F#/D       Cadd9
All these years gone by

Em                     F#/D                           Cadd9
Now you're asking me to listen well then tell me bout everything

Em            F#/D   Cadd9
No lies, We're losing time

cause this is a battle

             F#/Dsus4   Cadd9*   
and its your final last call

it was a trial

           F#/Dsus4   Cadd9* 
you made a mistake we know

why aren't you sorry

               Bm    Cadd9*
why aren't you sorry why

this could get better

we can be happy


Em              F#/D    Cadd9 (play this for the rest of the verse)
you've got them on your side
and they wont change their minds
now its over and I'm feeling like I missed out on everything
I just hope It's worth the fight

Colbie Caillat - Battle Chords :: indexed at Ultimate Guitar.
Battle tabs @ 911Tabs

About the artist behind Battle Chords:

Colbie Marie Caillat (pronounced /ˈkoʊlbi kəˈleɪ/ (info) "Kole-bee Kal-lei") (born May 28, 1985 in Newbury Park, California) is an American pop singer-songwriter and guitarist from Malibu, California. Her father, Ken Caillat, co-produced Fleetwood Mac's Rumours and Tusk albums; Caillat recalls being around the likes of Mick Fleetwood and John McVie as a child.[1]

The popularity of Caillat's MySpace profile led her to become the number-one unsigned singer in her genre for four months.[2] Her popularity on the social network was partially due to her song "Bubbly," and the songs on her profile have been played more than forty-two million times (as of May 31st, 2008).[3] For the week of July 17, 2007, "Bubbly" was featured on the iTunes Store as the free "Single of the Week". The promotion coincided with the release of Coco, her debut studio album. Caillat was also spotlighted by Rhapsody during the 2007 Black Friday Sale at Best Buy.

According to her MySpace profile, Caillat was first inspired to start singing at age eleven when she first heard the Fugees' 1996 version of the song "Killing Me Softly", made famous by Roberta Flack in 1973. Her MySpace profile also states that, though trained at piano from an early age, Caillat did not begin playing guitar until age nineteen.

In May 2008, Caillat recorded a duet with Jason Mraz, called "Lucky," on his album, We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things.[4] The same month, Caillat recorded a cover of the song "Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid for Disney's DisneyMania vol. 6 CD.[5]

Caillat is currently shooting another music video in Hawaii for her song "The Little Things."[6]

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