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Untitled And Unsung Tab
			     Untitled and Unsung - Belly
Tabbed by: Travis Campbell
Email:[email protected]

| /  slide up
| \  slide down
| h  hammer-on
| p  pull-off
| ~  vibrato
| +  harmonic
| x  Mute note

     E       Am     Dsus    Dm     F    Am 12thfret

Note-When playing the 12 fret Am in the chorus, the 13 on the b string will change from 
to 12 and back to 13 during the chord. All other notes in the chord will remain the same.

Intro Lead Guitar


Am         Dsus        Dm
I want you soft in the middle

Am      Dsus        Dm
I see a strange and furious face

Am               Dsus    Dm     E
I know your heart

Am          Dsus              Dm
I want your pearly hand in my hair

Am        Dsus        Dm
We make a strange and furious pair

Am         Dsus          Dm
I want you locked in the middle

Am               Dsus    Dm
I know your heart

Am               Dsus    Dm   E
I know your heart

E                          Am
It's just like mine was

   Am12fret                   Am
So you wanna know why I can't sleep

    Am12fret               Am
You wanna know why I can't sleep

    Am12fret               F
You wanna know why I can't sleep

F                                       E
Unless I've got a belly full of wine,

E                                       F
You show up in time for a bad time

F                                         E
Mmm, 'less I've got a belly full of wine,

You show up and the world is wild.


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About the artist behind Untitled And Unsung Tab:

Belly dance is a Western term for a traditional Middle Eastern dance form. Some American devotees refer to it simply as "Middle Eastern Dance".

In the Arabic language it is known as raqs sharqi (رقص شرقي; literally "oriental dance") or sometimes raqs baladi (رقص بلدي; literally "national" or "folk" dance). The term "raqs sharqi" may have originated in Egypt. In Greece and the Balkans, belly dance is called tsiftetelli (τσιφτετέλι).

The term belly-dance is a creation of Orientalism, and is first attested in English in 1899, translating French danse du ventre.[1]

Indexed at Wikipedia.

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