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Kaun Tha Chords
Tabbed by:DJCrunkMix
Source: Indian Guitar Tabs

Chord Chart:
Scale: E maj
Time Sig: 4/4

A	x02220
Amaj7	x02120
Asus2	x02200
B5	x2440x
Bsus4	x244x0
Cm	x35543
E	022100

()- Notes are optional to pluck, but make sure you put your finger on it.

Chords: 	Amaj7			E

If you listen closely, you will notice a lot of subtle improvisation and accents.
Also, it is played on a nylon string Classical Guitar.
I will give you the basic structure of the chords and start picking them in the same 
as the intro.

| Amaj7	|  ---	|  E	|  ---  |
Ek Andheri Si Raah
| Amaj7	|  ---	|  E	|  ---  |
Aur Kuch Qadmoon Ki Chah

| Amaj7	|  ---	|  E	|  ---  |
Alam Ki Thi Kya Hi Baat
| Amaj7	|  ---	|  E	|  ---  |
Jaise Un Dekhi Si Ghaat

| Cm	|  ---	|  ---	|  ---  |
Kaun Tha Kahan Gaya
| B5	|  ---	| Bsus4 |  ---  |
Mujhe Mila Armaan Jagey
| A	|  ---	| Asus2	|  ---  | E	|  ---  |  ---  |  ---  |
Soya Mera Naseeb


Dhalta Suraj Dekhey
Aur Hawaa Chhu Ke Guzray
Jalwa Woh Nayaab Tha
Asal Tha Ya Ke Khawaab Tha

Kaun Tha Kahan Gaya
Mujhe Mila Armaan Jagey
Soya Mera Naseeb --- x2


Kaun Tha Kahan Gaya
Mujhe Mila Armaan Jagey
Soya Mera Naseeb

Kuch Bhi Jo Achha Lage
Aur Mile Bhi To Zaroori Nahin
Sachh Hai Par Ajeeb



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About the artist behind Kaun Tha Chords:

Atif Aslam (Urdu: عاطف اسلم, born March 12, 1983) is a Pakistani pop singer. He was born in Wazirabad and educated in Lahore and Rawalpindi. He is well-known in the Subcontinent for his hits Hum Kis Galli , Aadat, Woh Lamhe, Doorie ,Tere Bin, Pehli Nazar Mein and Ehsaas. He was formerly the lead singer of Jal.

Indexed at Wikipedia.

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