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The Price We Pay Tab
I saw the other tab on here and thought it was a bit incomplete, so I decided to tab
I am at least 99% sure is right. There are a few chords that make this a lot easier to play. 
I put them above the part that you play along with.

Tuning: Drop C (CGCFAD)



C9           G3       Asus7

D|-3-|     D|---|    D|-3-|
A|-3-|     A|-3-|    A|-3-|
F|-0-|     F|-0-|    F|-0-|
C|-2-|     C|-0-|    C|-2-|
G|-3-|     G|-2-|    G|-0-|
C|---|     C|---|    C|---|

So heres the song.
D|----3-----------|         D|----3---------|
A|------3------3--|         A|------3-----3-|
F|--------0----0--|         F|--------0---0-|
C|--2----------0--| X3      C|--2---------0-|
G|3------------2--|         G|0-----------2-|
C|----------------|         C|--------------|

Repeat 2X

Okay for this part there are two guitars.

F|11-12------------11-12---------12-11--11-12---------11-12-14p12-|  X2

F|11-12-------11-12-------|   X8
Then repeat first part twice

Rhythem (Acoustic):
this part uses three different chords. The C9 from up top, E minor, and A minor. If you 
don't know the other two they are here. Figure out the strumming yourself.

   Em     Am
D|-0-|   |-0-|
A|-0-|   |-1-|
F|-0-|   |-2-|
C|-2-|   |-2-|
G|-2-|   |-0-|
C|-0-|   |---|

So here is what you play.

  C9         Em
D|-3-|     D|-0-|
A|-3-|     A|-0-|
F|-0-|     F|-0-|  X3
C|-2-|     C|-2-|
G|-3-|     G|-2-|
C|---|     C|-0-|

I just move my middle finger down a fret when switching between the C9 and the Em.

  Am         Em
D|-0-|     D|-0~-|
A|-1-|     A|-0~-|
F|-2-|     F|-0~-|
C|-2-|     C|-2~-|
G|-0-|     G|-2~-|
C|---|     C|----|

Repeat the two beggining chords, then the Am and Em and end the song on Em.

Tabbed by: Kevin Gruber (guitarskate37)

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