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Detail 3000 Chords
			     Detail 3000 - Voicst
Tabbed by:deHufter
Email:[email protected]


Chords used:

    B  G#m7 F# Emaj9  G#m C#m

B                       G#m7
We pick things up quite easy

F#                           Emaj9
I clean my phrases so you'll stay

B                      G#m7
Sticky stories you are leading

F#             Emaj9
Kindly to next phase

G#m     F#
Yeah whatever you have been through

Don't tell me everything today

G#m      F#
First we were in a conflict

Now we are in a phase

G#m      F#
That is gently moving to

Making room and finding space

G#m      F#
To distinguish love from flirt

C#m                              B
You got to check out where's the dirt

And so on...

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About the artist behind Detail 3000 Chords:

Voicst are a three-piece indie rock band hailing from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. "Voicst" is South African slang, meaning "manic energy".

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