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Greensleves Tab
TAB by Danny Davis email me at [email protected]
the whole song is played with variations of these chords: Am, E, and G

     Am                           G(modified)            Am

it goes like that for the whole song

Alas my love you do me wrong
To cast me out discourteously
When I have loved you so so long
Delighting in your company

Your gown was of the grassy green
Your sleeves of satin were hanging by
Which made you be a harvest queen
Yet you would not love me

Green sleeves was my all my joy
Green sleeves was my delight
Green sleeves was my heart of gold
And who but my lady green sleeves

Alas my love you do me wrong
To cast me out discourteously
When I have loved you so so long
Delighting in your company

enjoy playing this and email me comments and questions

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About the artist behind Greensleves Tab:

Anonymous IV is the designation given to the writer of an important treatise of medieval music theory.[1] He was probably an English student working at Notre Dame in Paris, most likely in the 1270s or 1280s. Nothing is known about his life, not even his name. His writings survive in two partial copies from Bury St Edmunds; one from the 13th century, and one from the 14th.

Along with Johannes de Garlandia and Franco of Cologne, whose work precedes his, Anonymous IV's writings are the main source for understanding the Notre Dame school of polyphony. He is mainly famous for having written about Léonin and Pérotin, thereby assigning names to two of the composers of the music of the Notre Dame school who otherwise would have been anonymous; Léonin and Pérotin are among the earliest European composers whose names are actually known. Although they probably died at least fifty years before he was writing, he describes them as though they were still famous by name and part of a living tradition at the time.

Anonymous IV mentions Léonin and Pérotin as the best composers of organum and discant respectively. He also mentions specific compositions as being by Pérotin (or Perotinus), including the four-part organa quadrupla Viderunt and Sederunt. Anonymous IV also mentions the work of the theorist Franco of Cologne, and gives descriptions of organum, discantus, rhythmic modes, rules for use of consonance and dissonance, notation, and genres of composition.

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