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Andrew Sexton - Entombed Chords
Andrew Sexton - Entombed

Am, C, Dm, Fmaj7, C, Am (C, Am)

Am, C, Dm, Fmaj7, C, Am (C, Am)

Am, C, Am, C, Dm, Fmaj7, C, Am

Oh oh-part (after chorus):
Am, C, Dm, Fmaj7, C, Am (C, Am)

Fmaj7         The (C, Am)-part
                C           Am
e--0--        --0--0--0--0--0--
B--1--        --1--1--1--1--1--
G--2--        --0--0--0--0--2--
D--3--        --2--2--2--2--2--
A--0--        --3--0--3--0--0--
E--x--        --x--x--x--x--x--

Am                          C
They say you can't bring it back...
    Dm                 Fmaj7  C  Am     (C, Am)
The damn has broken the die is cast.
    Am                          C
But what's that beating in your skin?
Dm             Fmaj7     C     Am      (C, Am)
Under dirt and water all alive again singin'

Am         C 
I'm Entombed
Am         C 
Fmaj7 C   Am
 With you
      C, Dm, Fmaj7, C, Am (C, Am)

Structure and separation's theme.
Bring together what is left to be.
The time and the fundamental place...
Fashioned in sweet comissioned grace.
Drawn upon a line so neatly traced...
That one must leave his eyes in place.

Ay....I'm Entombed.
Ay....With you.

You're from where they'd never see me again.
With a curse on ancient bones from softer lips.
Deja vu and da day Jah come again....
Oh and rescue the bitten apple on her ship singin'

Ay....I'm Entombed.
Ay....With you.

Hope it makes sense. Once you get the rythm going, you'll get it.

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