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Babylon Tab
This is my first tab, I have used Thomas B's Previous Tab, and editted it. THe tab below
believe is more accurate and allows for all the notes to ring properly:-


Perhaps its 2h4p0 or 2h4 0 (The latter sounds clearer perhaps)


listen to the song to get that rhythm, + with the muting, i may not be written down 
right, but you know yourself, once your playing the song you get the muting with the rhythm 
beat. (Much harder to isolate it and write it down :-) ).

the chords are strummed once during the chorus as follows:
    Em(022033)      G(320033)
(No I don't want to be ay-ay-alone)

So-oh rest your head-
you're all mine.
And I stay awake,
I won't go home.
Let's go on holidays.
To burn this town
She's my Baby-lo-on.

So rest your heart-
you're all mine.
Because if you walk away,
I fall on down.
And bleed, red as blood-
Red as wine.
She's my Baby-lo-on.

No I don't want to
see-ay-ay you go.
No I don't want to
be ay-ay-alone.

So rest your hand -
you're all mine.
I can't stay awake,
my eyes fall down.
Said I dreamed a dream
that you walk 'round
She's my Baby-lo-on.

No I don't want to
See-ay-ay you go.
No I don't want to
Be ay-ay-alone
No I don't want to
Be ay-ay-alone.
No I don't want to
Be alone.

P.s Feel free to correct or alter... and Many thanks to Thomas B, great song and i 
have known where to start without ya.

 E P.

Angus And Julia Stone - Babylon Tab :: indexed at Ultimate Guitar.
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