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Im Still Breathing Chords (ver 2) - Katy Perry

Im Still Breathing Chords
Hey, real easy song. Hope this helps

Key: F
Tuning: Standard
Capo 3 (All chords relative to capo)

Chords used

D  Bm  G  Em7  A
2  2   3  3    0
3  3   3  3    2
2  4   0  0    2
0  4   0  2    2
x  2   2  2    0
x  x   3  0    x

D Bm G Em7 A

I leave the gas on, walk the alleys in the dark
sleep with candles burning, I leave the door unlocked
G                      Em7
I'm weaving a rope and,    running all the red lights
did I get your attention cause I'm sending all the signs (that)
the clock is ticking, and I'll be giving my two weeks pick
your favorite shade of black, you best prepare a speech
G                    Em7
say something funny, say something sweet
but don't say that you loved me

Cause I'm still breathing
And we've been dead for a while
this sickness has no cure
we're going down for sure
already lost a grip

best abandoned ship

Play "D" for the link

The rest follows the same pattern, i'm sure you can work it out

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