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Open The Doors Chords
Open The Doors

D                             Bm
Open the doors                Open the doors
G                                          D
Open the doors                and bring us in 

We want to hear thunder and lightening, the rumbling of voices
We want to see angels and creatures and rainbows of color
We want to smell incense burning the fragrance of Jesus
We want to feel water and fire and swirlings of glory

Em  D  G             Em  D  G
Not by might         Not by power
    Em D    G    A
But by your Spirit 

The Verse is done in a slow, almost swaying strum and mood. 2-4 times before going into
Chorus with pairs of down beat strums, thun-der, light-ing, kind of hard to explain, but
you've heard the song, then it's a piece of cake! Chorus is best done in bar chords in E 
while verse and... outro, are done best in standard form chords when
Please send me a message if you want me to correct something :D

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Open The Doors

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