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Sex And Love Chords
Faber Drive
Sex And Love
Submitted by: [email protected]

Key: C#

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
C# -   x46664
G# -   466544
Bbm -  x13321
F# -   244322
Ebm -  x68876
Fm -   133111

Intro: Bbm--G#--Bbm--Ebm-C#

Verse 1:
Pumping on my sleeve 
heart that barely beats 
 Ebm    F#
stalling uh oh 
floating facing down 
sea of broken vows 
Ebm     F#
drowning uh oh 

blow after blow and 
i'm startin to see why 
better alone than be 
brusied by your dark side 
down to the bone 
your the knife that'll 
          Ebm     C#
cut right through oh oh 

Chorus 1:
sex and love don't 
G#             Ebm C#
feel the way i do 
sex and love don't 
G#             F#     G#      
feel the way i do for you

Verse 2:
solely for effect 
morning make up 
       Ebm   F#
sex is hollow uh oh 
burning to the ground 
house that used to 
         Ebm  F#
stand so solid uh oh 

(Repeat Refrain and Chorus 1)

sex and love's not real
when it's from you 

Interlude: Fm--C#-G#-Fm--C#-F#

(Repeat Refrain)

Chorus 2:
sex and love don't 
G#             Ebm C#
feel the way i do 
sex and love don't 
G#             F#     C#     
feel the way i do for you
(Repeat twice)

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About the artist behind Sex And Love Chords:

Faber Drive is a Pop Punk band from Mission, British Columbia, Canada. They are known for touring with bands such as Hedley,Marianas Trench, and Simple Plan. They have gained a huge amount of popularity in many parts of Canada.

Already well-known for a local fan base, Faber Drive released a limited edition three-song EP under the band name Faber. Due to legal issues, the band changed their name to Faber Drive.[citation needed]

Their debut album, Seven Second Surgery, was released on May 1, 2007 under 604 Records.

Discovered by Nickelback's Chad Kroeger and signed to his 604 Records Label[1]

The second single from Seven Second Surgery is "Tongue Tied".

The third single "When I'm With You" was previewed a month before it was released on Canadian gossip website

Faber Drive's Second Chance won a 2008 Canadian Radio Music Award for Best New Hot AC Band of The Year.[2]

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