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In The Land Of Grey And Pink Chords (ver 2) - Caravan

In The Land Of Grey And Pink Chords
Intro: 2D E/D

       D                                Am
In the land of grey and pink where only boy-scouts stop to think
Em                                  G
They'll be coming back again, those nasty grumbly grimblies
            D                                     Am
And they're climbing down your chimney as they're trying to get in
Em                        G                          B
Come to take your money - isn't it a sin, they're so thin
F#m                               D               Em        B
They're black pockets in the sky, don't leave your dad in the rain
F#m                             D             C               2F#m 2G
Cigarettes burn bright tonight, they'll all get washed down the drain

         D                                 Am
So we'll sail away for just one day to the land where the punk weed grows
Em                         G
Won't need any money, just fingers and your toes
    D                                      Am
And when it's dark our boat will park on a land of warm and green
Em                             G                                        B
Pick our fill of punk weed and smoke it till we bleed, that's all we'll need
      F#m                            D             Em         B
While sailing back in morning light, we'll wash our feet in the sea
    F#m                              D          C            2F#m  2G
And when the day gets really bright, we'll go to sea  drinking tea

repeat verse instrumentally 2x
repeat first 4 lines of second verse 
repeat last 2 lines of first verse 
Outro: 2D E/D

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